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Castable Polyurethane Elastomer Machines from INTER-CHIINA

Castable Polyurethane Elastomer Machines from INTER-CHIINA

Castable Polyurethane Elastomer Machines from INTER-CHIINA

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Place of Origin: CHINA
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Material: castable polyurethane elastomer Technology: Mixing & Casting



Why choose us:                                                                                                                                                                                          


  • 20 years experience of manufacturing polyurethane machines.
  • Several thousand machines are running all over the world.
  • At present produced by our brand of automatic foam machine in a leading position in China.



Why Urethane ?                                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Urethane (short for polyurethane) is a family of elastomers ~ rubber-like polymers that stretch and return to shape when force is removed.
  • Products made using cast polyurethane are found everywhere. They are prevalent in all phases of mining, agricultural equipment, and material handling, as well as the oil and gas industry. Even in recreation, cast polyurethane is the leading product of choice for the manufacturing of roller-skate wheels, golf ball covers, bowling balls, scuba fins, and more;
  • Why is urethane a top product choice for these industries? Unlike plastic, polyurethane is non-brittle, making it a good material choice that will not crack or break under impact or shock loading. Polyurethanes are often chosen where resistance to the effects of sliding, stretching, cutting, tearing, compression, torsional forces, and ageing are involved.


What is Castable Polyurethane Elastomer?                                                                                                                                              


Casting PU (CPU) is a kind of polyurethane elastomer produced by casting process, liquid resin casting and reaction molding. This kind of liquid raw material system is also called "liquid rubber". Among the polyurethane elastomer products, castable polyurethane elastomer has the largest output and is the most important type of polyurethane elastomer at present.




What Benefits Does Castable Pu Elastomer offer?                                                                                                                                 


Polyurethanes are often chosen where resistance to the effects of sliding, stretching, cutting, tearing, compression, torsional forces, and ageing are involved.



  • Load-bearing capacity
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Excellent resistance to oil and grease
  • Can be bonded to substrates such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic"
  • Can be formulated to specific chemical and temperature resistance
  • Can be molded in various durometers (hardness)
  • Shorter lead times and more economical tooling costs
  • Ideal for vibration control and noise minimization
  • Can be formulated to work in both wet or dry conditions



What Applications of Castable Polyurethane Elastomer ?                                                                                                                       


A wide ranges of applications in industries as below

  • Auto industry sealing ring, axle sleeve, bushing, elastic coupling, bumper, leather, seal, decorative plate
  • Construction concrete mold, door strip, concrete pump components, sandblast pipe, etc
  • Coated fabric conveyor belt, fuel storage tank, energy transmission belt, synchronous belt ;
  • Electronic packaging, insulator, filling, circuit board, cable adhesive, electronic board coating
  • Engineering components bending machine liner, sprocket, track gear, cutting plate, mechanical belt, coupling, fractionation column tray, roller plate
  • Food industry slide lining, grain storage, conveyor belt Mining bucket liner, conveyor roller, scraper, flotation trough impeller, pump lining, screen mesh, pipe lining
  • Petroleum, chemical, Marine casing, bearings, hydrocyclone, buoy, pig, scraper, fender, seat
  • Cots steel mills cots, paper cots, printing cots, conveyor belt cots, bone cots, tank coating, etc




Why should I use Castable Polyurethane Elastomer system?                                                                                                                    


The unique characters of casting pu

  • Greater durability and unique physical properties are the main drivers for switching to cast polyurethane.
  • Cast polyurethane's greater durability and longer wear are the top reasons customers switch from alternative materials to cast polyurethane.
  • Research also shows that customers switch materials for cast polyurethane's diverse combination of physical properties that cannot be found in other materials. Varying by material and application, cast polyurethane has high tensile strength, load-bearing capacity and a greater tolerance to environmental challenges such as greases and oils.
  • The material's rugged durability and longer wear lead to greater cost efficiencies on the initial material investment.


The trends of markets.


Report from PMA-USA in the year of 2011.

  • 65% of participants have customers who switched or are considering switching from other materials to cast polyurethane.
  • The majority of cast polyurethane processors and suppliers have had customers or prospective customers consider a switch from rubber/plastic/metal to cast polyurethane. In the case of suppliers, that figure goes up to 100%;
  • In the past year, cast polyurethane manufacturers and the PMA have launched several initiatives to increase awareness of cast polyurethane to not only penetrate existing markets, but to capitalize on new market opportunities.
  • With the majority of processors and suppliers experiencing a potential shift in customers'material selection,cast polyurethane manufacturers have been successful in increasing usage of the material in current markets.
  • Processors'and suppliers'marketing efforts have also been effective in expanding the material’s use into new markets.


Have any of your customers or prospective customers recently considered switching from rubber / plastic / metal to cast polyurethane?



What Advantages of Castable Polyurethane Elastomer over other materials?                                                                                      


  • Compared with metal materials, polyurethane elastomer products have light weight, low noise, resistance to loss and low processing cost and corrosion resistance and other advantages;
  • Compared with plastics, polyurethane elastomers have the advantages of non-brittleness, elastic memory and wear resistance.
  • Compared with rubber, polyurethane elastomers are wear-resistant, cut resistant, tear resistant, high load-carrying, transparent or semi-transparent,ozone resistance, can be filled and sealed, can be poured,wide range of hardness and other more advantages;
  • Polyurethane elastomer processing methods are diverse, new technologies and new varieties keep emerging, and its application prospects will be very broad.

Castable Polyurethane Elastomer Machines from INTER-CHIINA




























What is the process principle of castable Polyurethane Elastomer?                                                                                 


There are three kinds of preparation and molding processes for pouring molding polyurethane: One-step Method, Prepolymer Method and Semi-prepolymer Method.The aromatic diamine is often used as chain extender in pouring polyurethane.

"In CPU synthesis, common reactions are as follows:

  • (1) isocyanate ester group reacts with hydroxyl group, which is the main reaction in the preparation of castable polyurethane elastomer.
  • ~ NCO+ ~ OH → ~ NHCOO ~ (carbamate ester group)"
  • (2)"Isocyanate ester group reacts with primary amine (or secondary amine), which is also the basic reaction of pouring polyurethane.
  • ~NCO+~NH2 → ~ NHCONH~ (urea)"
  • "(3) reaction between isocyanates and carbamates
  • ~NCO+RNHCOO~ → ~NHCON (R) OO~ (urea formate)"
  • (4)"Isocyanates react with urea groups
  • ~NCO+RNHCONH~ → ~NHCON(R)CONH~ (biuret)"
  • Among them, (3) and (4) occur at a high temperature.Most castable polyurethanes require thermal curing to achieve optimum performance.Above 120 ℃, prepolymers in a small amount has yet to react with the hydroxyl of NCO group or the system itself excess NCO group with urea or urethane reaction, generate the biuret and affections or formic acid ester, polymer with a small amount of branched or crosslinked bond, it is good for improving thermal stability and intensity of elastomer;
  • One-step, prepolymer and semi-prepolymer processes can be used in the production of castable polyurethane elastomer.The cast polyurethane elastomer is mainly a polyester (or polyether) -TDI (MDI) -MOCA(BDO, HQEE E-300) system.
  • Oligomer polyols must be dehydrated prior to synthesis of elastomers. Oligomer polyols heating to 100 ~ 120 ℃, Stir and vacuum, the system of vacuum degree at about-0.1 MPa, dehydration 1 ~ 3 h;


There are three kinds of preparation and molding processes for pouring molding polyurethane:

  • one-step method,
  • prepolymer method
  • semi-prepolymer method.

The aromatic diamine is often used as chain extender in pouring polyurethane.



What Factors Need to Be Considered When Choosing Castable Polyurethane Castable Polyurethane Machines ?   


  • 1. Overall Investment;
  • 2. Purpose of production;
  • 3. Describe the overall weight and dimensions.




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